Arena Rental Rates

The BFRA Rodeo Arena is one of the best amateur rodeo and horse show facilities in the State. This facility has been the scene of junior rodeos, barrel races, horse shows and horse-riding clinics. Trees shade the arena and provide a natural backdrop for these events (see pictures below).
Liability insurance is required for the date(s) rented.

2018 Calendar Year Arena Rental Rates
Hourly Arena Rental
- $10.00/hour for first rider, $5.00/hour for each additional rider. Make arrangements with the Caretaker.
Arena Rental -
$300.00/day includes pre-event ground prep & one overnight stay for livestock, does not include feed;
Livestock A
dditional Nights (pre or post event ) - $50 per night.
Tractor - $100 per day - our operator. Arena rental includes pre-event preparation. Any further tractor use during event is per this charge).
Horse stall/holding pen (16 available) - $10.00 per night make arrangements with Caretaker;
Arena lights usage - $35.00 per hour [not pro-rated];
Watering arena during event - $25.00 per load;
Stock Pen rental (non-event rentals) - $10.00 per night per pen;
RV/camper parking (non-event related - no hook-ups) - $20.00 per day;
Electric utility hookups (for RVs or vendors) - $10.00 per day for 110V, $25 per day for 220V;
Cowboy Cafe for food concessionaires - $75 per day;
Damage deposit :$150.00;
Signing deposit: $100.00, which must accompany returned signed contract, unless booking fee has been paid. This will hold the date(s) requested. This is applied to the daily rental fee and is not in addition to that amount. NOTE: the signing deposit is non-refundable.

All amounts are required to be paid at least 10 business days prior to the date requested. Alcohol, if desired, must be coordinated with the Contracts Specialist. No other dispensing or use of alcoholic beverages is permitted on the grounds.

Sources for Private Event Insurance required for rental - 
Local agents
Farm Bureau Financial Services - ask for Amy Berretta (505-869-2002)
Western Assurance - ask for Patty Cornish (505-314-1960)
Brown, Selig, and Thomas - ask for Barry Hamilton (505-292-8000)
On-line sources 

For more info or to rent, first, check out availability at Calendar, and send us an email with your full contact information. Our Contract Specialist, Nancy Cox, will contact you to discuss your needs and any special considerations or arrangements.

South Parking Area

Warm Up Arena

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