Bosque Farms Rodeo Association

BFRA Membership

Summary of Membership Requirements from the BFRA By-Laws:  

Membership is open to anyone 18 years of age or older, a citizen of the United States, and reside within a fifty mile radius of the Bosque Farms Rodeo Association location in Bosque Farms. 

We meet in Cowboy Hall 7:00pm thelast Wednesday of each month (no meeting in December)

We ask prospective Members to attend a meeting, and pick up a Membership application or download  a Membership Application and turn it in at a Membership Meeting.  Attending a meeting will give you an opportunity to meet members to see if the BFRA is a good fit for you and your family. 

There are a few Membership requirements which we have summarized from the BFRA's By-Laws. To enjoy the privileges and benefits of BFRA Membership, you must keep your dues current; attend a majority of the Membership Meetings; actively participate on a committee or participate in three work projects or events (e.g. chaperone a dance, open gates, announce, etc.) between January 1st and the November membership Meeting each year.  We understand "life happens" and if you can't meet these Membership requirements after you have joined the BFRA, we will be happy to work with you to find an acceptable solution for all. 

 BFRA Members enjoy the following benefits (in accordance with the BFRA By-Laws):  

 1. Cowboy Hall may be used by members for private use only; i.e., weddings, reception or other family celebrations, after one year of ACTIVE membership and subject to available dates.

2. Members and their immediate family and/or one guest may use the main arena or the small arena when it is not in use by, or prepared for use by a renter, and it does not require lights.  New members do not receive arena privileges for a grace period of ninety (90) days upon membership acceptance. They may, however, use the arena with a member in good standing present.

3.  Members have the use of the livestock pens in case of emergency.

4.  Participate in events and activities, and meet new friends or renew old friendships.